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ULSTEIN designed PSV to Seatankers

Av | 15 mai, 2013 12:57 | 0 kommentarer
Foto: Ulstein Group - 'Sea Flyer' is number two of totally twelve PX105 designs to Seatankers.

Ulstein Group 2013.05.15

Ship number two of totally twelve platform supply vessels of ULSTEIN’s PX105 design, ‘Sea Flyer’, was delivered from Zhejiang, Ningbo, to Seatankers Group on 14 May 2013.

ULSTEIN delivers twelve design and equipment packages to the Chinese yard, where all the vessels for Seatankers Group will be constructed. The packages include design, engineering and equipment supplies. The ships comply with the DNV requirements of the Clean or Clean Design standards.

“The yard has previously constructed several of our designs, and we have a good cooperation with them. In addition to our project team in Ulsteinvik, strengthened with resources by our colleagues in Poland and Croatia, we have had a local team in Ningbo that has been involved in coordinating the commissioning and completion of the vessel”, says Project Manager in Ulstein Design & Solutions, Johannes Røren.

ZJ2014, ‘Sea Flyer’, measures 88.9 metres long and 19 metres in the beam. She has a dead weight of 4,500 tonnes and a loading deck area of approximately 1,000 m2. The vessel is equipped with a diesel-electric propulsion system. She is fitted with Azipull 100 propellers, and can reach speeds of 15.5 knots. ’Sea Flyer’ has a comprehensive electrical and automation package delivered by Ulstein Power & Control, an integrated complete ULSTEIN POWER™ solution that includes the propulsion system, main switchboards, distribution switchboards, ULSTEIN COM®, ULSTEIN BRIDGE™ and ULSTEIN IAS®.

Ship number three for Seatankers is ready to start sea trials on 17 May.


Foto: Ulstein Group – ‘Sea Flyer’ is constructed at Zhejiang, China.


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