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Av | 10 mars, 2013 2:13 | 0 kommentarer
Bilde: Ulstein Verft

Ulstein 08.03.2013

GC Rieber Shipping ASA announced today that they have entered into a charter agreement with Ceona Services (UK) Limited for its high capacity subsea newbuild for a fixed period of 5 years, with options for up to five years. The vessel will commence working for Ceona immediately upon delivery from Ulstein Verft in the first quarter of 2014.

The vessel is yno 300 from Ulstein Verft, and is based upon ULSTEIN’s SX121 design.

The high-capacity newbuild is a construction support vessel (CSV) designed for operations in harsh and deep waters, with a length of 130 meters and a 25 meter beam. The vessel is built to the highest standard for dynamic positioning, DP-3, and is equipped with a 250t AHC offshore crane. The ship is designed to operate in the SURF market, with capacity for pipe loads below deck and on main deck, and a vertical pipe laying system above the moon pool. The ship can accommodate 130 crew, and is built according to the latest international environmental standards.

Vessel availability will be maximised thanks to the vessel’s “Operation+” feature, which allows the vessel to continue to operate even if it has experienced a significant failure.


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