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‘Sea Frost’ – fifth PSV to Seatankers

Av | 15 november, 2013 1:51 | 0 kommentarer
Foto: Ulstein

The fifth of twelve PX105 designed platform supply vessels for Seatankers, ‘Sea Frost’ was delivered from Zhejiang, Ningbo, on 13 November 2013.

“The recipe for success is good cooperation between the departments in Norway and China. Structure and system to ensure logistics of drawings and equipment deliveries are crucial,” says head of project management in China, James Xin.

“There is always a risk that information can disappear between the designer and shipyard, especially when the distance is great. We are the local team in China to fill this gap. Our responsibility is to follow up on the technical documentation for production and to follow-up the delivery of equipment. Good project management is essential for success. We make detailed plans for the progress of the project. We keep track of parts and products coming to the warehouse and we know what is done on the project. In this way we avoid unnecessary discussions and make good progress on the project,” he says.

Local follow-up
In addition to James Xin, Charlie Yan and Kelly Jiang are also part of the local project team. They all work for the design and solutions area in ​​ULSTEIN. It is Johannes Røren, based in Norway, who has the overall responsibility for the Sea Tanker contracts that the team is working on now. Both James and Johannes emphasize that good communication is crucial to success on these types of projects:

“When the sale of the design and equipment package is completed, we establish the local site team. On the Sea Tanker projects we deliver a complete product package, detailed engineering and detailed design. We need to keep track of a lot of details. Good project management and good communication is therefore very important,“ says Johannes Røren.

James Xin has worked with project management for ULSTEIN for six years.
“I like my job a lot. We’ve built up a strong and good local team and adopted best practice. We have very good communication with the departments in Norway, » he states, adding:.»We are ready for more and new challenges and projects for ULSTEIN».

ULSTEIN delivers twelve design and equipment packages to Zhejiang, where all the vessels for Seatankers Group will be constructed. The packages include design, engineering and equipment supplies. The ships comply with the DNV requirements of the Clean or Clean Design standards.

The ship is designed with the patented X-BOW® hull line design. These vessels have low vibration levels, resulting in increased comfort, and no speed loss due to the elimination of bow wave impact. The vessels can maintain higher speed even in foul weather, and the operational window is increased.


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