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Rolls-Royce delivers deck machinery and seismic equipment to WesternGeco

Av | 8 mai, 2013 3:17 | 0 kommentarer

Wednesday, 8 May 2013Rolls-Royce has delivered a deck machinery system and seismic equipment for  a highly specialised new Amazon-class seismic research vessel for WesternGeco, which is under construction at Flensburger Shipyard in Germany.

The contract includes the supply of a control and back deck system for towing and handling of 18 streamer cables and a range of towing and handling equipment and special winches needed for in-sea deployment and seismic surveys. The innovative system is automated and remotely operated to ensure safe and efficient handling, making it amongst the most reliable on the market.

Anders Almestad, Rolls-Royce, President – Offshore, said: «We are pleased WesternGeco has selected Rolls-Royce to provide this specialised equipment for its new Amazon-class vessel. These systems were developed to meet the high standards of robustness and quality demanded by seismic research vessels operating in deep seas, whilst minimising costs and maximising the safety and efficiency of back deck operations.»

The vessel measures 127 metres in length and 32 metres wide and is expected to operate around the world.


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