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HMA receives the order of a total integrated IAS-PMS-ESD-F&G system for the Island Offshore new building 301 at Ulstein.

Av | 11 april, 2013 11:33 | 0 kommentarer

We feel this as a huge recognition of the quality and performance we have shown on our earlier deliveries to this leading offshore ship owner. As this vessel also will be equipped with well head operation, a SIL ESD/F&G system is to be included in delivery. This new system will be similar to the systems delivered to Island Wellserver, and Island Constructor, but for this delivery it will be a part of the IAS.

This specification also call for a sophisticated redundancy configuration of the overall system, as it will be designed according to the so called «Operation +» philosophy. The basic idea is that «no single failure» shall disable this vessel from operating in DP2. For the PMS, this require a high degree of separation, and communication redundancy. HMA have earlier made similar configurations to drilling vessels with four separate switchboards.

By this order, HMA increases its position as a high quality supplier for complete automation packages to advanced offshore vessels.


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